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Basecamp Cafe – A History

Basecamp Cafe began as an in-store cafe within Towsure called “The Coffee Pitch”. Surviving a flood and the COVID pandemic, each time coming back stronger – view the history of our cafe over the years.

The Coffee Pitch - the earliest incarnation of the Basecamp Cafe Sheffield
The Basecamp Café in its original incarnation, the ‘Coffee Pitch’, August 2004

The Basecamp Cafe in Towsure started out as a simple cafe in Towsure, in the mid 2000’s. Originally branded as “The Coffee Pitch” the aim was to provide refreshment to Towsure shoppers travelling into Sheffield, serving hot and cold drinks and light snacks.

The popularity of The Coffee Pitch grew both amongst existing Towsure customers and of local residents enjoying a new venue to enjoy a spot of lunch.

The Basecamp café has undergone a number of facelifts since opening in the early 2000’s, beginning as a simple instore café for quick bites to evolve into the dining experience of today.

When disaster struck in 2007 in the form of the extensive flooding which closed the entire Sheffield store as well as the café, the kitchen and seating area were given a first revamp; keeping the theme of an in-store café and dropping the Coffee Pitch name. The menu was expanded and the café took on the new name “Basecamp Café”.

The Cafe in Towsure
Refurbished after the 2007 Sheffield Floods, ‘The Cafe’ pictured in June 2008, shortly before it was given the new name “Basecamp Cafe”

Although situated within the Towsure camping and caravanning store, Basecamp Cafe was operated independently, with two changes of operators, each putting their own individual mark on the venue, with visiting customers coming back for more.

As the COVID-19 pandemic hit in 2020 with lockdowns closing both retail outlets and hospitality venues, the latter remaining closed and under restrictions for much longer then the store, the decision was made as venues began to open, to bring the Basecamp Café fully into the Towsure fold, and undertake a second refurbishment, this time even more dramatic than the previous.

Basecamp Cafe under refurbishment
Basecamp Café under refurbishment in early 2022 prior to re-opening

The latest incarnation of the Basecamp Café is designed to be separated more clearly from the store with dividers and new décor giving a cosier and more refined ambience. Whilst still very much part of the Towsure store, the area, together with a carefully curated new menu, has been designed to be a dining experience in its own right.

A coffee being prepared on the Conti coffee maker in the Basecamp Cafe
Fresh coffee served at the Basecamp Café